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East Isles is a vibrant urban, historic neighborhood that enjoys the best of the commercial city, and the peaceful escape of tree-lined streets and parks. Over 50 shops and restaurants line the southern and eastern borders in the Uptown area, while the serene Lake of the Isles is the border to the west. (read more…)



The EIRA Board will consider plan modifications to its NRP Plan at the next EIRA Board Meeting on Jul 10th, 2018 at 7pm in the Grace Church Community Room. This serves as the required 21-day notice. Community members interested in learning more are invited to attend.


The EIRA Board has already shown support of the East Isles Farmers Market and approved the proposed budget. In order to accommodate funding for such a project, a Plan Modification to EIRA Phase 2 NRP strategy is necessary. This NRP strategy aligns with the goals of sustainability. The plan modification is necessary to move dollars into this account to fund supplies, materials, and staff time for the market. Specifically, the proposed plan modification would shift $7,000.00 of funds:

From –         2.1.1. Affordable Housing Loan Program

To –             6.1.2  Sustainability

The Affordable Housing Loan Program has generated over $125,000 in program income from loan repayments, so we believe some these funds can be invested in another project with a public benefit – the East Isles Farmers Market.

CHAIR: Mike Erlandson

ADMINISTRATOR: Diana Schleisman


East Isles Farmers Market

The new East Isles Farmers Market is a pilot initiative in collaboration with the Minneapolis Park Board; the market will the first held on park property.

Market Season: June 28 – October 4, 2018
Thursday evenings 4PM – 8PM
(No Market on August 2. Instead, please come to the Uptown Art Fair)

For more information please click here:
East Isles Farmers Market