About EIRA

East Isles Residents Association (EIRA) is a neighborhood-based organization whose primary goal is to improve neighborhood livability, develop a greater sense of community, and promote the well-being of all of its residents. EIRA encourages resident involvement in order to understand and take action on issues that impact the neighborhood. EIRA develops initiatives that address a wide range of topics that residents believe to be important. Our focus is on increasing neighborhood involvement, preserving the vitality of the neighborhood, and making improvements that make East Isles one of the City of Minneapolis’s most vibrant communities.

Any individual eighteen years of age or older, maintaining a domicile within the boundaries of East Isles* is automatically a member of EIRA. Membership ceases when an individual no longer resides within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

*East Isles boundaries: From W 22nd St to W Lake St; and from E Lake of the Isles Parkway to Hennepin Ave S.

Please send an email to info(at)eastisles.org for more information.