Green Team

The Green Team meets monthly:
7 pm
Grace-Trinity Community Church
1430 W 28th Street

**The Green Team will not be meeting in October**

Betsy Allis,

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Our Mission

is to bring together East Isles residents—from homeowners to apartment dwellers, singles and families—to learn, connect, have fun, and act in ways that benefit our community.

If you want to connect with others in the neighborhood… if you want to engage your kids in family-friendly activities…. if you want to reduce our carbon footprint, protect our waterways, and reduce waste…. join us!

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Our 2014 Living Green Initiative—Goals and Projects
(Planned by the East Isles Green Team and its working groups. East Isles residents are encouraged to join these ongoing groups or to start a new group.)

Community Solar Gardens
led by Bill Elwood and Gerado Ruiz

A way to “subscribe” to energy from a large array of solar panels placed on a big roof somewhere in the community. With the 2013 clean energy legislation, it’s now possible for community members to support solar without having to install their own panels. Plans are still emerging, so join with us to help shape this exciting initiative. 

Tot Plots for East Isles Kids & Families
led by Carolina Elizondo and Lucille Renaud-Ruiz

Free edible planter to teach children about growing their own food.  This is a fun new family project for the 2014 planting season sponsored by the East Isles Living Green Team!

Sponsor East Isles Living Green Festival (our first!)
(includes native plant swap)
led by Betsy Allis

Organize our first East Isles Plant Swap a Green Festival activity
led by Rich Harrison and Jenika McGann

Create, promote green building guidelines
in partnership with Uptown zoning committees and green teams
led by Dave Bryan

Protect our waterways and water supply
led by Judy Enenstein, Susan Lynn

Promote our Living Green Initiative and community partnerships
led by Betsy Allis

Activities for Green Singles
led by Germaine Benemille

East Isles residents learn about rain gardens, from green team member, and rain garden project director, Rich Harrison. Photo taken at the East Isles Demonstration Raingarden at 2871 Humboldt Ave S

Promote our first East Isles Demonstration Raingarden
led by Rich Harrison

3rd Annual Super Sale (September 6, 2014)
led by Jenika McGann

Highlights of our East Isles Living Green Initiative

  • Green Team Founded October 2011. Original Green Team included Betsy Allis (founder), Margaret Conroy, Judy Enenstein, Rich Harrison, Jenika McGann, Lisa Stitzel, and Gingie Ward.
  • Showed our first Green Film, “No Impact Man” in January 2012. Six film showings followed.
  • Created East Isles’ first Demonstration Raingarden in 2012 plus related planting and educational events. (Click here for Raingarden webpage)
  • Organized numerous presentations and discussions on green issues, such as:
    • hazardous chemicals
    • the story of “stuff”
    • water quality
    • household energy conservation, audits
    • green lighting
    • recycling, composting
    • edible landscapes
    • community solar gardens
  • Organized the first Annual East Isles Super Sale in 2012 to encourage residents to reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Sponsored a special composting and green trash to art event for kids.
  • Hosted a Green BBQ in the backyard of the apartment building at 2871 Humboldt Ave followed by Green Film Shorts.
  • Partnered with other Uptown Green Teams to create Zero Waste Uptown and the Uptown Green Team quarterly events.
  • Supported annual Earth Day clean up events.

Super Sale, September 2014

Super Sale, September 2014

Volunteers cleaning up the lakeshore at Lake of the Isles. August 2014.

Green Festival and Plant Swap, May 2014

Green Festival, May 2014
Included live music by Kate Lynch and Chris Beaty.

East Isles kids have fun planting their “Tot Plots” with tasty edibles! 13 families and two pre-schools are part of this Summer 2014 Green Team project.

Preparing the Tot Plots – 2014

Photo of 2014 Green Team (above) clockwise from left: Dave Bryan, Susan Lynn, Jenika McGann, Judy Enenstein Rich Harrison, Betsy Allis (not pictured: Germaine Benemille, Bill Elwood, and Lucille Renaud-Ruiz)

East Isles residents learn about rain gardens, from green team member, and rain garden project director, Rich Harrison  2013

Trash collected on Earth Day 2013

Earth Day clean up at Lake of the Isles, April 2012


Proud winner of the vermaculture kit, October 2012 Vermiculture is the process of using worms turn organic food waste into compost.

Composting Workshop 2012


Family Fun event – March 2012