Rain Garden

What is a rain garden? A raingarden is designed and planted to capture rainwater so it can penetrate deep into the soil to help protect and restore water quality.  This helps to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff that would otherwise take pollutants from the air, our yards, and the streets and carry them into lakes and rivers.

In July 2012, the East Isles Green Team received a grant from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to design and create a demonstration rain garden in the side yard of the apartment building at 2871 Humboldt Ave S (Humboldt at The Mall).
East Isles residents helped build the garden in September 2012.
The Green Team organized a series of workshops to educate people about rain gardens.

Rain Garden Celebration

East Isles residents enjoyed refreshments and touring the gardens on September 28, 2013 for the first annivesary celebration of the demonstration raingarden. Special thanks to organizers Judy Enenstein and Rich Harrison (pictured below). Visitors are always welcome!  Garden location:  2871 Humboldt Ave S (side yard).

Green Team members Judy Enenstein and Rich Harrison

July 2013


July 2013