The Transportation Committee meets as needed at the call of the committee chair.

The next meeting is:

Thursday, February 18
6:45 p.m.
Dunn Brothers Coffee
2528 Hennepin Ave S

Peter Mason

Julia Curran, Andrew Degerstrom, Jasna Hadzic, Aaron Hanauer, Carla Pardue.

Please Contact EIRA President Andrew Degerstrom at with any questions

The Transportation Committee identifies opportunities for input and advocacy, along with identification, articulation, and advancement of East Isles neighborhood concerns and issues associated with traffic, volumes, speeds, congestion, parking programs for residents and businesses, safety, improvements (e.g. re-deisngs, re-routes including changes in one/two way direction, over underpasses), alternative modes including transit whether trolley/LRT/busses on the Midtown Greenway or major routes of Hennepin Ave, Lagoon Ave and Lake St, bicycling and walking, ADA and senior accessibility including snow and ice removal, sidewalks, streetscapes, alleyways, street furniture and streetscape beautification (e.g. graffiti identification, public artwork around utility boxes, billboards), etc.

Minutes from Transportation Committee

EIRA Transportation Committee August 2015
EIRA Transportation Committee September 2015

EIRA Transportation Committee June 2014

Update: February 2014
Click here to view the resolution passed by the EIRA Board on January 14, 2014 regarding the Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis. The analysis studied transit options for the Midtown corridor (Lake St and Midtown Greenway). The transit options were narrowed to enhanced bus on Lake St and/or rail (streetcar or LRT) on the Greenway.  The Policy Advisory Committee for the project selected both options as the Locally Preferred Alternative. For more information go to