Zoning & Land Use

The Zoning & Land Use Committee responds to request for variances, Conditional Use Permits (CUPs), rezoning, historic preservation, accessory structures/uses, nonconformance, demolitions, construction, rebuilds, remodels, modifications, ongoing/new uses; business licensing issues (e.g. hours of operation, controlled beverage/substance sales); proposed zoning/land use ordinance changes; problem properties (e.g. deteriorating or hazardous conditions, code violations, nuisances); etc. Engages and informs the community of such matters.

Go to the Neighborhood page to see zoning maps for East Isles and links to more detailed information about zoning and planning.

Minutes from Zoning Committee Meetings
April 19, 2016 and 2321 Humboldt variances and Walgreen’s update
March 15, 2016 and 1721 West Lake Street, 2321 Humboldt Avenue and Walgreens update.
February 16, 2016 and Walgreens, 2650 Hennepin
January 19, 2016 and 2505 and 2701 E. Lake of the Isles Pkwy
No meeting December 2015
No meeting November 2015
No meeting October 2015
No meeting September 2015
No meeting August 2015
No meeting July 2015
No meeting May 2015
April 21, 2015 
No meeting November 2014
No meeting August 2014
EIRA Zoning Committee February 2014 and 16Twenty proposal
EIRA Zoning Committee January 2014 — the Draft Green Building Guidelines are in the process of being revised.
EIRA Zoning Committee December 2013