Lake of the Isles Renovation Project


Citizens’ Joint Review Committee
Recognizing that the neighborhoods around Lake of the Isles Regional Park played an active role in the development and implementation of the Concept Plan for the Renovation Project and have a special stake in its eventual success, residents from the four neighborhoods surrounding the Lake: East Isles/Lowry Hill/Kenwood-Isles/Cedar-Isles Dean volunteered to serve on this Citizen’s Joint Review Committee.

Mission Statement

Thanks to the investment of local, state and regional funds, the Minnesota Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has accomplished vast improvements to Lake of the Isles Regional Park and this Committee appreciates the efforts and resources put forward to date.

Our objective is to ensure that the nine year, $9 million dollar Lake of the Isles Renovation Project will live up to and honor the vision of its original founders, H.W.S. Cleveland, William Barry, Theodore Wirth, and the Minneapolis Park Board.

Citizens Joint Review Committee Report
Click here to download the full report. Note: the report is large and may take a moment to download.

This report is intended to identify unresolved issues and provide support for corrections and enhancements needed to fully complete the renovation as originally envisioned.  In our role as Advocates, we hope that the MPRB will work with us as a partner to ensure that this long-awaited renovation is successfully completed and meets the highest possible quality of standards for a Regional Park consistent with their Mission Statement: “to permanently preserve, protect, maintain, improve, and enhance its natural resources, parkland, and recreational opportunities for current and future generations.”

This report was submitted to District 4 Park Board Commissioner, Anita Tabb and the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board on April 18, 2011.

Committee Members
East Isles – Harvey Ettinger
Lowry Hill – Michael Cockson
Kenwood-Isles – Kathy Low, Pat Scott
Cedar-Isles-Dean – Craig Westgate

Lake of the Isles Updates: Spring 2013

  • Click here to download the Lake of the Isles Shoreline Maintenance Plan (Spring 2013)
  • Click here to download the shrub map
  • Click here to download the 2013 Vegetation Maintenance Fact Sheet

For more information, please contact Harvey Ettinger, Founder: Citizens Joint Review Committee at