Notice of NRP Contribution to Bridge for Youth


The EIRA Board will consider plan modifications to its NRP Plan at the next EIRA Board Meeting on September 11, 2018 at 7pm in the Grace Church Community Room. This serves as the required 21-day notice. Community members interested in learning more are invited to attend.


The EIRA Board has received a proposal from the Bridge for Youth for $15,000 to help resolve lighting issues that they are having in their main building. In order to accommodate funding for such a project, a Plan Modification to the East Isles NRP Action Plans is necessary. Specifically, the proposed plan modification would shift $15,000.00 of funds:

From –         Phase I 3.1.B.1. Design Guidelines Book

To –             Phase II 2.1.1.  Bridge Center for Youth

The Design Guidelines Book was an initiative in the neighborhood’s first NRP Action Plan developed in 1999. There is $15,000 remaining in that strategy that has never been used by the neighborhood. These funds could be used to continue East Isles’ long support for the Bridge.