Proposed Revisions to the East Isles Residents Association Bylaws

The EIRA Board will be recommending revisions of the EIRA Bylaws to the
neighborhood at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 9. The Board began its review of
the Bylaws in order to make sure that the Bylaws would meet the requirements of a
501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. The Board also wanted to
make the Bylaws reflect current practices and be gender neutral. After meeting with
neighborhood experts Steven Gallagher, Jack Whitehurst, and Bob Cooper of the City
of Minneapolis staff the Board also included recommendations from them.
Here is a brief description of the changes the Board is proposing:
• New provisions describing the charitable purposes of EIRA and how EIRA assets
would be distributed if it were dissolved. These are necessary for EIRA to be
eligible for 501(c)(3) status.
• Lowering the age a resident is eligible to be an EIRA member to 16, from 18
• Making EIRA membership and voting rights contingent on attending the meeting
where voting will take place and signing in with name, address, and email
• Changing the notice provisions to expand the required forms of notice to include
the website and social media and to comply with Minnesota law regarding notice
for neighborhood meetings
• Lowering the quorum required for a meeting to consider the dissolution of EIRA
to 75 members
• Taking out obsolete provisions dealing with a restart of the Board in 2010 and the
staggered Board terms it designed
• Changing the qualifications to be on a Committee to be consistent with the new
qualifications of EIRA membership
• Clarifying that if a person is removed from service from a Committee that person
is entitled to speak at the meeting where they are removed and may still attend
and participate in Committee meetings in the future
• Changing the language to make it gender neutral


A vote to adopt these changes will be held at the East Isles Residents Association Annual Meeting on April 9th from 6:30-9:00pm at Isles Bun and Coffee.