EIRA Board Meeting is Tuesday, November 12

The EIRA Board will meet on Tuesday, November 12: 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Grace Trinity Community Church. The agenda is below. Please join us!

EIRA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, 11/15/19      7:00 p.m.

Grace Trinity Community Church

1430 W 28th Street



Welcome & Call to Order: (7:00-7:05) Ellen van Iwaarden, President

Introductions: (7:05-7:10)

Guest Speakers: (7:10-7:40)         

City Council Member Lisa Goodman (7:10-7:20)

            Council Member Goodman attends meetings to provide updates on what is happening at the City. If you have a concern for her regarding the East Isles neighborhood, please let us know at info@eastisles.org at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, if possible. If you want to contact her directly either before or after the meeting you can reach her at Lisa.Goodman@minneapolismn.gov or 612.673.2207.

Officer Reports: (7:20-7:40)

President’s Report (10 min) Ellen

Treasurer’s Report (10 min) Andrew Degerstrom, Treasurer

    Action Item, approval of Annual Report to Office of the Attorney General

Board Discussion (7:40 – 8:10)

     Next Steps for Farmers Market (30 min) Ellen

Committee Reports: (8:10-8:40)

NRP (10 min) Mike Erlandson – Action Item: ERIA Security Camera follow-up

Built Environment and Transportation (10 min) Andrew

Social Committee – Wine Tasting Event Recap (10 min) Amy Sanborn

No reports for Farmers Market, Outreach and Nominations, and Green Team

Open Forum: (8:40-8:55)