EIRA Members Approve NRP Plan Modification & Elect Two New Directors

The East Isles Neighborhood Association (EIRA) met on Tuesday, December 10 to consider the Neighborhood Revitalization Program plan modifications and elect two new Directors. The members in attendance approved the plan modification and elected Becky Accettura and Molly Simmons to the board. Eric Hausman was also elected as a board alternate. Thank you to Becky, Molly, and Eric and to everyone who attended!

The plan modification is necessary in order to fund the purchase of security cameras for the public safety of the neighborhood. The cameras will be for the use of the Minneapolis Police Department. The details of the approved plan modification are below.

The plan modification to reallocate funds between existing strategies in the neighborhood’s Phase II NRP Plan. The funds to be reallocated will come from unused funds, including completed affordable housing initiatives. The proposed modifications would shift funds as follows:

$37,000.00 from NRP Phase II:

Housing — 2.1.1. Affordable Housing Loan Program ($3079.49)

Community Building — 4.2.1. Community Building Activities ($3,000.00)

Community Building — 5.1.1. Services for Seniors and Other Residents in Need ($1,360.00)

Public Land — 7.2.1. The Mall Improvements ($1,756.40)

Public Land — 7.4.1. Public Space Improvements ($26,481.40)

Public Land — 8.1.1. Staff and Administrative Support ($1,322.71)

$37,000 to NRP Phase II:

Crime and Safety — 3.3.1. Crime Prevention Activities ($37,000)

If you have questions about the plan modification, please contact NRP Committee Chair Mike Erlandson at mikeerlandson@gmail.com

Thank you to Mike and the EIRA NRP Committee for all their work to improve safety in the neighborhood.