Proposed Governing Document Revisions to be considered at Annual Meeting

At its March and April meetings, the EIRA Board voted to recommend changes to the EIRA Bylaws. At its April meeting, the board voted to hire a nonprofit attorney to amend and restate its Articles of Incorporation in order to apply for 501(c)(3) status. The proposed changes to these governing documents will be voted on by the neighborhood at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 16.

The proposed bylaw revisions include establishing an Executive Committee made up of the four EIRA officers to act on behalf of the board, if necessary, between meetings. Other revisions include recognizing that EIRA will use election procedures in conducting its elections, allowing non-residents to serve on board committees, clarifying that officers and directors will not be compensated, and establishing that the board will annually review and decide upon the procedures it wants to use in conducting its meetings.

You can see the proposed changes here: EIRA Bylaws Amendments June 2020

Based on the opinion of its nonprofit attorney, the board is recommending a complete restatement of the Articles of Incorporation. You can see the proposed new Articles here:

Please join us at the Annual Meeting!