EIRA Annual Meeting Zoom Video, Election Results and More!

On Tuesday, June 16th from 7:00- 9:00 p.m. EIRA hosted it’s 2020 Annual Meeting.

Attendees heard from our elected officials: 

  • Lisa Goodman, Ward 7 City Councilmember
  • Frank Hornstein, Minnesota House of Representatives District 61A
  • Marion Greene, Hennepin County Board Chair and District 3 Commissioner
  • Jono Cowgill, Park Board President and District 4 Commissioner
  • Meg Forney, Park Board at-large Commissioner

The proposed new Articles of Incorporation passed with 96% of the vote.
The proposed new amendments to the Bylaws passed with 92% of the vote.

The new board members and alternates are:
New Board of Directors
Becky Accettura
Erik Anderson
Laney Barhaugh
Eric Barstad
Andrew Degerstrom
Natasha Dockter
Emma Erdahl
John Erlandson
Abbie Ernst
Rod Lauture
Amelia Steinkraus
First Alternate: John Morrow
Second Alternate: Chad Peterson

If you missed the meeting you can watch the video here. We will have our Annual Meeting Minutes posted soon!