Statement from the EIRA Board of Directors Regarding the Proposed Public Safety Charter Amendment

The East Isles Residents Association Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the generations of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, queer people, and women whose struggle has led us to this moment. We stand in solidarity with organizing groups such as Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective, whose leadership and moral vision have helped channel the grief, anger, and trauma our city feels over the murder of George Floyd into a movement for concrete institutional change. Their work has allowed us to comment on the proposed amendment to the City Charter and we value the opportunity. 

The East Isles Residents Association Board implores the Charter Commission to recognize the urgency of this moment and complete its evaluation of the proposed amendment in time for it to be placed on the November 2020 ballot. The City Council unanimously voted to refer the proposed amendment to Minneapolis voters for ratification. Given the City Council’s unanimity, we believe it would be anti-democratic and disrespectful of Minneapolis voters for the Charter Commission to preclude Minneapolis voters from voting on the proposal this November. We fear that precluding a November vote would also exacerbate the trauma inflicted on Minneapolitans by the murder of George Floyd. 

We emphatically believe that residents deserve to determine the future of community safety in Minneapolis. Regardless of the outcome of any vote held this November, we are committed to leveraging our resources to help ensure that the future of community safety in Minneapolis is the product of a deliberate, considered process of engagement with all relevant stakeholders in our city. We are committed to working with our elected officials and our community to help achieve a future where no resident of Minneapolis feels unsafe.