EIRA Board Meeting – Tuesday, August 18th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom

Join us on Tuesday, August 18th starting at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom for the EIRA Board Meeting! Check out our agenda below.


1. Welcome & Introductions: Emma Erdahl, President (7:00-7:05)

2. Guest Speakers (7:05-7:25)

  • Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council Member (10 minutes)
  • Marion Greene, Hennepin County Commissioner (10 minutes)
  • Jono Cowgill, Minneapolis Park Board President (10 minutes)

3. Reports (7:25-8:25)

a. President’s Report: Emma Erdahl, President (10 minutes)

  • Robert’s Rules
  • Website update
  • Board member training with Jess Birken
  • Committee participation

b. Staff Report: Jenna Egan, Coordinator (10 minutes)

  • Theatre of Public Policy

c. Treasurer’s Report: Andrew Degerstrom, Treasurer (10 minutes)

d. BET Committee: Andrew Degerstrom, Chair (5 minutes)

e. Outreach & Nominations Committee: Eric Barstad, Chair (5 minutes)

f. Farmers Market Committee: Debbie Gold, Co-Chair (5 minutes)

g. Green Team: Ellen van Iwaarden, Chair (5 minutes)

4. Open Forum (8:25-8:35)

5. Adjourn