Register for the Neighborhood Super Sale by Mail!

If you’d like to register to have a sale by mail, please send us this information (postmarked by Friday, September 4th):



Tel. number

Will the sale be in front, back, or in the garage? Do you want the Disabled American Veterans to pick up what does not sell on the Monday after the sale? A check for $10, made out to East Isles Residents’ Association
For an additional fee, you can list up to three things that will be at your sale. Please tell us what they are and add the additional fee in your check amount. The cost is an additional $2 per item listed or you can list three items for $5. Some examples might be kids toys & clothing, books, plants, adult clothing, antiques, jewelry, or whatever you would like to highlight. 

Mail that information and your check to East Isles Residents’ Association, 2751 Hennepin Ave. S. #294, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Questions? Please call Ellen van Iwaarden at 612.770.3594 or email Jenna Egan at