Board of Directors

2020-2021 EIRA Board of Directors:

Emma Erdahl – President
Erik Anderson – Vice President
Eric Barstad – Secretary
Andrew Degerstrom- Treasurer
Becky Accettura
Laney Barhaugh
Natasha Dockter
Abbie Ernst
John Erlandson
Rod Lauture
Amelia Steinkraus
Alternates: John Morrow, Chad Peterson

Staff contact: Jenna Egan

Job Description

Directors on the Board:

Purpose: To manage the business and affairs of EIRA, except those matters which are reserved for the Members of EIRA.

Powers & Duties:  To take such action, and to make and adopt such rules and regulations consistent with the By-Laws of East Isles Residents’ Association (EIRA), as the Board deems advisable for the management, administration and regulation of the business and affairs of EIRA. To establish Committees of EIRA and approve all Committee members.  To approve, and provide appropriate oversight of all EIRA activities. To attend meetings of the EIRA Board of Directors.  To determine and oversee the appropriate use of EIRA funds, either raised directly or through membership contributions and other activities, or obtained through programs such as the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) or Community Participation Plan (CPP).

Qualifications:  Must be a member of EIRA.  Shall be elected by the EIRA members each year.

Alternates to the Board are non-voting and are not expected to regularly attend monthly East Isles Residents’ Association (EIRA) Board meetings, but are encouraged to do so whenever possible; the purposes of alternates are to stand ready to complete the term of a director on the Board who cannot fulfill his/her term of office (e.g., if a Board member resigns due to a move out of the neighborhood/changed job circumstances/increased family responsibilities, etc.), that is, to assume the vacated position of director with its rights and duties.  To fill vacancies on the Board, elected alternates are tapped initially to step up to fill director vacancies;  filling additional vacancies on the Board requires a majority vote of the remaining directors for the remaining annual term of the vacating directors.