The East Isles Residents Association committees meet regularly and are great forums to
discuss and bring attention to topics and issues important to the neighborhood. Check out
the various efforts and activities of the committees listed below. For more information on
joining a committee, please contact the committee chair or use the contact us form on the

Built Environment and Transportation (BET)
Committee Chair: Andrew Degerstrom
Members: Julia Curran, Peter Mason, Ellen van Iwaarden, Ex. Officio
The Transportation Committee meets as needed at the call of the committee chair.
The Transportation Committee identifies opportunities for input and advocacy, along with identification,
articulation, and advancement of East Isles neighborhood concerns and issues associated with traffic volumes, speeds, congestion, parking programs for residents and businesses, safety, improvements (e.g. re-designs, re-routes including changes in one/two way direction, over underpasses), alternative modes including transit whether trolley/LRT/busses on the Midtown Greenway or major routes of Hennepin Ave, Lagoon Ave and Lake St, bicycling and walking, ADA and senior accessibility including snow and ice removal, sidewalks, streetscapes, alleyways, street furniture and streetscape beautification (e.g. graffiti identification, public artwork around utility boxes, billboards), etc.

Farmers Market
Committee Chairs: Debbie Gold and Steve Havig
Members: Michaella Holden, Jeffrey Sugarman, Kat Peterson, Marjorie Hegstrom, MaryAnn Weite, John
Schultz, Ellen van Iwaarden, ex officio
The Farmers Market Committee meets as needed to organize and oversee the management of all East Isles
Farmers Market events, the hiring of a Market Manager and Market Hands and conducts any fundraising for
the Farmers Market events by soliciting sponsorships, applying for grants, or organizing other fundraising activities. The Farmers Market Committee may include residents from nearby neighborhoods as part of an extended outreach effort and to ensure a well-rounded perspective from all Farmers Market constituents such as vendors, business owners, supporters, and sponsors.

Green Team
Committee Chairs: Julia Curran and Ellen van Iwaarden,
Members: Becky Accettura
The Green Team meets as needed and works to advance sustainability in the neighborhood with information,
advocacy, and events. It runs the Earth Day Clean-up, the Midtown Greenway clean-ups, and the annual Super Sale to help neighbors reuse household and garden items.

Committee Chair: Mike Erlandson
Members: Steve Havig, Andrew Degerstrom, Amy Sanborn, Harvey Ettinger, Chad Holm, Ellen van Iwaarden,
ex officio
The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Committee recommends neighborhood investment
opportunities to the EIRA Board and community. It monitors past strategies relative to NRP priorities set out in the neighborhoods NRP plan. Neighborhood based priority setting, planning, and implementation are core to the committee’s work. The committee seeks to represent residents and other neighborhood stakeholders to focus on improving the quality of life in the area with a look to the future and the goals, objectives and specific strategies that will help accomplish the larger NRP vision. NRP empowerment comes from funding provided to each neighborhood to help implement their approved plans. The committee works with the City, County, Parks, Police and School officials to advance their goals and improve their neighborhood. Developing new partnerships and renewing old ones helps produce creative solutions. The partnerships created are as varied as the people and interests involved in neighborhoods. In recent years the committee has put in place efforts to improve the parks and open spaces, improve public safety and refresh the Lake of the Isles warming house that benefits the larger community. The committee solicits ideas from the larger neighborhood for possible investment priorities. The committee chair and members do not have to be members of EIRA and the city encourages NRP committees to have representation from outside the neighborhood board.

Outreach and Nominations
Committee Chair: Emma Erdahl (
Members: Becky Accettura, Andrew Degerstrom, Debbie Gold, Ellen van Iwaarden, ex officio
The committee meets once a month in between board meetings. We typically meet on the first Thursday of
each month at around 7 pm. Location changes. Our main focus is to engage community members and
encourage them to run for election as board members. Time commitment would be regularly attending
meetings and a few hours a month at most. Important dates include the April annual meeting (when elections take place).

Committee Chair:
Members: Amy Sanborn, Ellen van Iwaarden, ex officio
The Social Committee meets as needed. The Social Committee’s primary goal is to provide community-building
social events in the East Isles Neighborhood. The committee plans and coordinates events designed to bring the community together and strengthen ties between neighbors.
Some annual events include:
● Ice Skating Party
● Annual Meeting
● Ice Cream Social
● Wine Tasting

For more information or to join a committee, please email